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"Been through some crappy stuff? I know the feeling. Let me show you the way out and how I finally got fricken right."
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Forgetfulness and Anxiety are Trauma Related

Trauma may not be what you think. The body, brain and nervous system will register overwhelming-shock from thousands of situations. I know what it's like to put max effort into finding out why you have long stretches of feeling crappy - only to end up with another new "drawing board" over and over. I'm so grateful I discovered what in the hell was wrong. I can help if you feel you're in a perpetual funk. Let me show you.


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From PTSD to PTG: Post Traumatic Growth. It's very real!


Out of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder many of us have faced, has come POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH. A concept created by Dr. Richard Tedesci and Dr. Lawrence Calhoun in the 90's. A stroke of genius in my view. PTG says some, not all, can actually come out of trauma even better than they were before.

After my personal trials and much compulsive investigation, I came to the conclusion that Post Traumatic Growth can be a starting point, not an end destination for many.

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Last year, with cancer in my past, I was forging ahead doing my deal speaking with parents about substance abuse. Then fricken rectal cancer (I hate that word) hit me again! This one took it all out of me.

But while I was working to recover, I made a life-changing discovery, beyond resilience. And I know that is what I'm supposed to be talking about now.

I truly believe personal trauma creates a special element of fire-blasted strength that can lead to a glow of abundance and success. The examples are numerous.


Why Do We Use Substances, Really?

I truly believe most people get addicted as a response to some type of trauma they have experienced. They might not even recognize this, but they are trying to cope the best they can.

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The Best Series To Stream When Sick At Home

My TOP TEN Shows To Stream When Home in bed for MULTIPLE DAYS... 1. Deadwood - HBO, Best cast ever! 2. True Detective - S1, HBO McConaughey and Harrelson are totally gripping through decades 3. The Wire - HBO originally, Eye-opening & real 4. Patriot - Amazon Prime, Visionary comic creativity 5. Marco Polo - Netflix, Epic, sympathetic & beautiful... This list is subjective, of course, what would a couple of your suggestions be?


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See If You're A Match For Today's Radio

Most on-air folks are always getting asked what a career on the radio is like. I created a quick survey to help people have a more informed decision about possibly seeking a job in today's radio.