"During these tough times, Paul Cook is good medicine for your parenting group, or any group!"

Ramona April, Event/Meeting Planner

"It's difficult to compare our childhoods with what adolescents face today. In that respect, parents have more in common with their great grandparents than a kid today." -Paul Cook


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Make sure you aren't unknowingly sending conflicting messages about substance experimentation.


Addiction and Anxiety are Trauma Related

Trauma may not be what you think. The body and brain can register overwhelming-shock from thousands of different situations. I know what it's like to put max effort into finding out why you have long stretches of feeling crappy - only to end up with another new "drawing board" over and over. Let me help you out of perpetual funk.


A midwest bestseller about overcoming substance abuse and anxiety.


How To Build A "Deliberately Drug-Free Bond"


"Paul's message is a must hear! He showed us great ways to connect with our kids better and how to finally lose the "parent guilt."


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Nov 20, 2020

The Incredibly Useful Thing I Learned About Anxiety

May 11, 2020