"Paul brings great anxiety relief to parenting groups after the isolation and increased substance use of Covid-19!"

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'It sounds crazy, but when today's parents think back to their childhood they actually have more in common with their great grandparents than with what the average kid deals with today! Why? Incredibly potent drugs, the computing power of smartphonessocial media, instant grades and the anxiety of Covid. 

I draw on my personal story and time spent in the schools and recovery centers to help parents be more effective raising kids who don't experiment with substances."

Lightning Fast Learning Outcomes!

*The very latest information about Fentanyl, and the different routes it takes to find its way to our kids.

*How to flip the script away from sending messages that unintentionally promote underage substance use.

*Practical steps to become more intentional about raising a healthy drug free adolescent without being tuned out.

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"Paul's virtual presentation is a must-see! He showed us great ways to connect with our kids better and how to finally lose the "parent guilt."


Some Hope In The Wake

Out of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder we have faced, something called POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH was born. It's a concept created by Dr. Richard Tedesci and Dr. Lawrence Calhoun in the 90's. A stroke of genius in my view. PTG says some, not all, can actually come out of trauma even better than they were before. This is an incredibly beneficial discovery for everyone coming out of the pandemic. Let me show you how it works.

Addiction and Anxiety are Trauma Related

Trauma may not be what you think. The body and brain can register overwhelming-shock from thousands of different situations. I know what it's like to put max effort into finding out why you have long stretches of feeling crappy - only to end up with another new "drawing board" over and over. Let me help you out of perpetual funk.


A midwest bestseller about overcoming substance abuse and anxiety.


How To Build A "Deliberately Drug-Free Bond"


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