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"Underage Substance Abuse has gotten sneakier with Juuling, gummies, synthetics and more. So we parents and educators must also evolve our awareness and approach."

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Truth: Even great kids get tempted into risky behavior


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Why Have Paul Cook Speak To Your Group?

Well, I fully understand the disease of addiction because I've been there. 15 years ago I made it a lifelong mission to share my experience of recovery to as many people as possible! So far, tens of thousands have seen me as a speaker, author, sober coach and radio/TV broadcaster. In 2013, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse awarded me their "Gateway Award" for carrying my message of recovery out to communities. I am most grateful for my years working in classrooms, as a member of Supporting Teens At Risk (S.T.A.R.). I've found that most parents are confused about exactly what to say when it comes to conversations about drug prevention with their kids, other than saying "don't do drugs!" That's not enough, so it motivated me to create a comprehensive online course, which takes parents through the process of fully utilizing their crucial role in helping their children avoid substance experimentation. So far, I have about 800 students from over 70 different countries. I hope you'll check it out as well.

This Is How To Protect Your Child

I have THREE proven resources that lay out exactly how to keep your child and home drug free. I will be there supporting you as the leader. Or maybe you are raising your child's children. Let me help keep your home drug free too. Please click to find out more.

Cooked in LA

Published by Kunati Books

In it's first week Cooked in LA rose up to be the #9,129th ranked book on all of Amazon book sales. Also a #1 Riverfront Times Bestseller, it follows my startling 3 year roller-coaster ride working on the radio in St. Louis and Los Angeles while poorly managing a substance abuse problem. The STL Post Dispatch said the book comes "With wry humor and great insight," and Booklist Magazine called it “Eye-Opening!”

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I survived an advanced stage cancer diagnoses in 2018 and a new one in 2019. After 3 big surgeries "Here I Stand" (personal motto) 

I truly believe personal trauma creates a hidden container of strength that can lead to abundance, success and advancement.- like a fire blasted pod of special favor. But not enough folks ever discover it deep inside. It is my mission to help with this.

I have a lot to be grateful for - my family, modern medicine and God saved my life twice. But I have to say the biggest surprise has been my COMMUNITY. Their love and support came through for my family when I felt like throwing my hands in the air. Thank you so very much.

This brings a unique opportunity to take my own advice again. I created a free course for people in substance abuse recovery who also get a cancer diagnoses. It can be a truly terrifying time. I'll show you what I did to stay sober. For now the program is free, so we can make sure it works perfectly. Please put your name and email in and then you will create a password.I hope you find it useful!

How many moments do you waste "In Dread?"

I've recently become interested in how much of our valuable time we waste away dreading things. We might be dreading something large or even just going to work on Monday morning.

Concern is not dread. There's a very fine line between the two. Both deal with the future, but dread is rejection of a future moment, and total disregard for the now. Dread truly kills the now. I think concern is a deeper care mixed with a bit of attachment. Could you...

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Most on-air folks are always getting asked what a career on the radio is like. I created a quick survey to help people have a more informed decision about possibly seeking a job in today's radio.