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Paul Cook

Parents, are you always feeling scattered, stressed and sick?
Let me show you how I got right.

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Why Have Paul Cook Speak To Your Group?

Well, I fully understand the disease of addiction because I've been there. 15 years ago I made it a lifelong mission to share my experience of recovery to as many people as possible! So far, tens of thousands have seen me as a speaker, author, sober coach and radio/TV broadcaster. In 2013, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse awarded me their "Gateway Award" for carrying my message of recovery out to communities. I am most grateful for my years working in classrooms, as a member of Supporting Teens At Risk (S.T.A.R.). That experience motivated me to create a comprehensive online course, which takes parents through the process of utilizing their crucial role in helping their children avoid drug experimentation. So far, I have about over 780 students from over 70 different countries. I hope you'll check it out as well.

This Is How To Protect Your Child

I have THREE proven resources that lay out exactly how to keep your child and home drug free. I will be there supporting you as the leader. Or maybe you are raising your child's children. Let me help keep your home drug free too. Please click to find out more.

Cooked in LA

Published by Kunati Books

In it's first week Cooked in LA rose up to be the #9,129th ranked book on ALL of Amazon book sales. Also a #1 Riverfront Times Bestseller, it follows my startling 3 year roller-coaster ride working on the radio in St. Louis and Los Angeles while poorly managing a substance abuse problem. The STL Post Dispatch said the book comes "With wry humor and great insight," and Booklist Magazine called it “Eye-Opening!”

This Spring I'm Hitting the High Schools!

I'm taking my story and message to the front lines of where substance experimentation is born. With pot legalization, the opiate crisis and Juuling, I believe the situation is dire for our adolescent generation. I won't be stopped!


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Truth: Even great kids get tempted into risky behavior


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What's the cause of today's distracting noise?

Most people lack the awareness to recognize they are living a very distracted life. I sure didn't. And we don't stop to really understand the serious health consequences caused from this way of living. But you can feel a dramatic shift. I am blessed to have discovered a simple, but powerful, solution.

Let me speak with your group about how to get through the overwhelming noise around us and in our heads.

Forgetfulness and Anxiety are Trauma Related

Trauma may not be what you think. The body, brain and nervous system will register overwhelming-shock from thousands of situations. I know what it's like to put max effort into finding out why you have long stretches of feeling crappy - only to end up with another new "drawing board" over and over. I'm so grateful I discovered what in the hell was wrong. I can help if you feel you're in a perpetual funk. Let me show you.


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KMOV-TV Shares Some of My Story


Why Do We Use Substances, Really?

I truly believe most people get addicted as a response to some type of trauma they have experienced. They might not even recognize this, but they are trying to cope the best they can.

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Paul's Best Best Series To Stream

My TOP TEN Shows To Stream When Home in bed for MULTIPLE DAYS... 1. Deadwood - HBO, Best cast ever! 2. True Detective - S1, HBO McConaughey and Harrelson are totally gripping through decades 3. The Wire - HBO originally, Eye-opening & real 4. Patriot - Amazon Prime, Visionary comic creativity 5. Marco Polo - Netflix, Epic, sympathetic & beautiful... This list is subjective, of course, what would a couple of your suggestions be?


See If You're A Match For Today's Radio

Most on-air folks are always getting asked what a career on the radio is like. I created a quick survey to help people have a more informed decision about possibly seeking a job in today's radio.


After surviving advanced stage cancer twice, I have learned so much about anxiety and it's devastating effects. We should talk.

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