WATCH VIDEO: I'll show you why some kids experiment with substances and how to make sure yours don't!

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Comprehensive Ebook

"Why Some Kids Experiment Today - How To Help Them Choose Not To"

This ebook is derived from my speeches to the 14th Annual Metro East Drug Conference to Illinois Substance Use Recovery Managers and Personnel.

Online Course

 "Arm Your Child To Be Drug Free!"

This is the whole enchalada! The complete course - all 22 videos and other multiple resources. Take this course while you drive to work, while working or anytime you're cruising on your smartphone. And know you've done more than 95% of parents to keep your home drug free!

Ebook & 5 Day Plan

"Awareness Parenting"

No matter how rebellious an adolescent you have, they are still always watching and learning from you. It is never too late to make some small adjustments to avoid sending promotional messages about substance experimentation.


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