Action #5 in my system for Parents

May 02, 2019

It's pretty crazy. You wouldn't believe how effective something like a "contract" is when other efforts seem to fail. Putting pen to paper means something. I found that it can linger in  deep in the mind of some kids - to make that crucial choice to avoid experimentation. 

We are doing all we can to get that result. It's all about getting them to make that wise choice when we aren't there, which is such a tough yet delicate thing. The whole thing is delivered in my FREE course "Arm Your Child To Be Drug Free."

"Paul's virtual presentation is a must-see! He showed us great ways to connect with our kids better and how to finally lose the "parent guilt."

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Paul's Popular Parenting Presentation!

'It sounds crazy, but when today's parents think back to their childhood they actually have more in common with their great grandparents than with what the average kid deals with today! Why? Incredibly potent drugs, the computing power of smartphones, social media, instant grades and the anxiety of Covid. 

I draw on my personal story and time spent in the schools and recovery centers to help parents be more effective raising kids who don't experiment with substances."

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