*NEW PODCAST - Life After Lemons


I've always felt flattered when someone would tell me "You should do a podcast." But I wasn't really sure what I would talk about other than substance abuse recovery. Then the past 3 years happened. 

Getting an advanced diagnosis of cancer can put your mind into overdrive. Fears speed up and hope slows down. You feel so isolated and singled out. And that's just the first night you try to sleep!

After that first sleepless night, many other thoughts, worries and every machination in between rides high in the front of your mind - if you are a type like me, who is plagued by too much "thinking" on a regular basis already. It didn't take long to realize I would need to get a grip on my head before I could actually be my best advocate.

Eventually, I would find some peace, but not as soon as I would have liked. The podcast, "Life After Lemons," is where I'll share my journey through this unwanted territory. The ups and the downs. And I'll also work my hardest to find compelling people with must-hear stories to bring to the microphone.  -PAUL



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