The CINDERBLOCK of Addiction

Jan 22, 2019

Once you cross the line into addiction or alcoholism you will deal with it one way or another your entire life. That could be in recovery, years of decaying use or just a much shorter life. But no matter what, substance awareness will always be in your life.

So it’s best to never come close to that line. It’s a deadly serious truth that all adolescent age kids should be aware of.

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'It sounds crazy, but when today's parents think back to their childhood they actually have more in common with their great grandparents than with what the average kid deals with today! Why? Incredibly potent drugs, the computing power of smartphones, social media, instant grades and the anxiety of Covid. 

I draw on my personal story and time spent in the schools and recovery centers to help parents be more effective raising kids who don't experiment with substances."

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