Whattaya You Know Anyway?

thinking Jan 19, 2019

Hmmm, I guess I'm learning that my baby blog here is somewhat of a mouthpiece to tell some insecurities through. I hope that's okay? Irony? Cool!

While being so sick in 2017-18 I made a promise to myself. Well, you lay there so much after surgery for recovery, and you get so sick after chemo - just an incredible amount of time to think. I thought about what I had done with my life so far. I wondered if I had focused on the things I should have or was I too scared of how I'd come off to people? Did anxiety about the critics play too big of a role in my actions? If so, that reality sucks.

After I laid there for days, I made a decision to put myself out there more and not worry about the naysaying I had imagined before. Even more importantly, I looked at my experience, my passions and my pains of the past and tried to figure out if some of the lessons from that carnage could be useful in helping someone? I decided that I think it is.  I hope so.

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'It sounds crazy, but when today's parents think back to their childhood they actually have more in common with their great grandparents than with what the average kid deals with today! Why? Incredibly potent drugs, the computing power of smartphones, social media, instant grades and the anxiety of Covid. 

I draw on my personal story and time spent in the schools and recovery centers to help parents be more effective raising kids who don't experiment with substances."

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