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"I'm Gonna Be Deliberately Drug-Free"

No matter what you call a drug prevention concept or presentation, it will most definitely always sound cheesy. So, we have that - deliberately.

When you don't have a plan, drug experimentation can happen accidentally in a festive moment. That's what happened to me. This video is my story and the truths I have learned.


#1 Drugs Today Are Even More Deadly.

This must sound like somewhat of a no brainer. But many drug prevention presentations assume too much at the beginning, which can be confusing.

With the prevalence of Fentanyl coming from Mexico, overdose deaths are rising after just one try.

#2 Now is a Crucial Time For You.

Through a process called "pruning" your brain is already going through some dynamic changes, which can cause sudden and unpredictable behavior changes. And the "white matter" of the brain is changing up it's messaging at the same time.

Adding in potent chemicals on top of these things is harmful.

#3 Every Drug Addict Thought They Could Just Dabble.

The idea of "risk-free" sampling is a dangerous thought that starts many good, but curious kids on a path of pain and addiction.

Yet, for some reason our culture seems to pretend an "I'll try anything once" philosophy is pretty harmless.




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